Augustus Veinoglou 1982 is a practicing artist and arts organiser born in Athens, and is currently based in Edinburgh.

In both his roles he has grown increasingly interested in the empowerment and active participation of the audience in the ‘artwork’ or creative situation, through the employment of various creative strategies, varying from the sculptural to the participatory. 

His installation work stems from the appropriation of architectural and spatial elements that describe the transitory state of situation and spaces. He explores how these elements can be re-arranged or re enacted to newly impact our experience and perception in space. 

In 2012 he started Snehta residency an artist residency programme based in Athens giving the opportunity to international artists to develop their artistic research with Athens as their conceptual focus. Snehta also organises exhibitions and creative workshops in the community of Kypseli. He recently joined the board of directors at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop where he also holds a studio.


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